LA meets Santorini

Would you ever imagine such a good combination? From the city of dreams in LA to the luxurious breathtaking sun lights in Santorini, Lavishly Appointed takes it all!

It could not be different as Its handcrafted beachwear and deadly silk sets are simply too perfect for words!

Black swimsuit crafted in Italian lycra, with embroideries. Combined with classic sunglasses and “carre” scarf. 

Not only pretty for the eyes but also flawless and comfortable to any women with their body shapes!

We know, there are no women in the world who do not want to look fabulous and comfortable on any occasion! That is the magic of Lavishly Appointed!


Monochromatic white silk set. Add a nice hat and you are ready in a breathtaking and efortnessly luxurious look!


Here is a sweet taste of our stylish outfits crafted in ultra-soft silk and Italian lycra. And of course, our sparkly Samantha set with sequin, adding a point of modernity and luxury to any beach outfit in any place in the world! After all,  it is always summer somewhere…

Black Samatha set. Carefully designed and crafted in sequin.

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