Steal Chloe in Lavishly Appointed bikini

Steal Chloe’s swimwear style in an embellished bikini from Lavishly Appointed

The Goodman sisters are inseparable, going everywhere together and that includes holiday! This week the trio were spotted in Thailand, soaking up the sun on the beach in some sassy swimwear. Whilst Amelia and Lauryn donned one-pieces, Chloe opted for a bikini from Lavishly Appointed. Featuring an embellished black mesh top and wet look bottoms this bikini is both sexy and glamorous. If you’re jetting off for some winter and sun and love this look the good news is you […]

Lavishly Appointed


Envision a place of stunning beaches, pictures and rolling clouds. If you are seeking for the sun and sea and adventure then transport yourself to Capetown, South Africa where the paradise and more awaits for you. This is the town for summer and swimsuit lovers. Stunning bikini Cindy is a perfect choice for Christmas gateway. Swimsuit is exclusive, classy and luxurious, grab your favourite Lavishly Appointed bikini and travel.

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