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London brand "Lavishly Appointed" leads the way in swimwear technology whilst bridging the gap in iconic style and elegance. Our luxury resort wear brand ˝Lavishly Appointed˝ was launched in 2016 in London. The range offers essential costumes and bikinis, innovative body adornments, lounge wear and dresses to compliment the full line, your holiday staple for the summer as well as sun in the winter.Founded, designed and developed by Mary Radenkovic a Fashion Buyer and journalist. Lavishly Appointed was created for like-minded woman, seeking unique, eye-catching and dynamic pieces that can take you from day-time to night-time.

"When I design I have a sense of authenticity, my woman has to be believable and touchable. I am a female designer, I communicate with other women through my designs, and I love making them look exquisite in their swimwear" says Mary.

Why the name Lavishly Appointed for our luxury resort brand? It is a reflection of our need to provide deluxe, unique and fearless fashion for women while being all-inclusive in regard to different sizes and shapes. The two collocated words are synchronized all the more due to the fact that one embodies the inner confidence we want to envoke in a woman, while the other word stands for all-adaptable luxury designs.

The brand has also undertook charity work in the form of our eco-friendly Goldfish campaign. The Goldfish campaign was designed so that when you purchase the products with our beautiful goldfish logo, 20% of sales will go to non-profit foundations that focus their work on ocean wildlife and sea life preservation and reduction of plastic pollution. Our Goldfish logo was inspired by Alexander Pushkin´s verse fairy tale of Fisherman and the Fish because the goldfish in the tale provided a great cautionary about greed and materialism as a modern human condition. This brings us full circle to other important aspects of our brand- we rely on sustainable design in the process of production. We also use solar panels in production for generating clean and sustainable electricity without toxic pollution or global warming emissions. Thus our thoughtful designs and the production process are conducted with intention to reduce and if possible-eliminate harmful environmental impacts, putting our precious ecosystems first.

In addition to our environmental awareness, we take great pride in how we handle the production process. The human aspect is cherished in the production process, taking into account the human rights of each of our artful workers, providing a nurishing environment for their creative process. We firmly support women and children´s rights, and make sure that our female workers have equal status with the male workers, at the same time we only hire workers who are of age. Our workers being satisfied is the core of quality materialisation of our brand´s designs.

The science behind each garment has been carefully processed, from how little the Italian sourced fabrics absorb water to creating prints and combining colours that sculpt your body. Materials have been married with hand crafted jewels and particular attention given to details including obscured stitching.In the process of making the garments, we use imported materials from Italy, with absolutely no use of plastic in the production process. Our jewelry is also hand-made by artists without any use of plastic in the process. Sustainable materials of high quality are used exclusively.

Our goal is to go back to hand-made production, to return to individuality and uniqueness. Thus, each of the designs is hand-made by most skillful of workers. It goes without saying that for Lavishly Appointed it is equally important to have happy workers and happy clients.
Today Lavishly Appointed is the distinguished global travelers best kept secret, appearing in exclusive resorts around the world, just like its clientele.


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